noasi on a smaller scale

noasi on a smaller scale

Can one be grateful for hard times and crappy situations?

My home life as a kid was difficult. It wasn’t bad, it was difficult.

I responded by staying at school each day until it closed, often even later. I would finish my homework and explore the off-limits areas.

My home life sucked, yet my homework was done, my grades were great, I learned a lot. I loved school and learning. I loved the refuge that school gave me.

My success in life was built on the foundation of those after school routines of front-loading my work; on those habits of working every day instead of intense single sessions; on the opportunities that arrived because I wasn’t at home with mind-numbing distractions, questionable associates, and no adult guidance.

Would I have been as successful had my home life been easier?

Might have I needed the chaos to become a better me than I could have / would have been without the chaos?

Do I have that difficulty to thank for today’s relative ease?

I have to say, likely not, yes, and yes.