noasi on a smaller scale

Sometimes, I think I should stop eating salads by the half gallon, but then I calculate the calories, and, naaaaaah, I’m fine.

Exciting Friday night plans: long talk with Dad! #winning

First new @apple laptop in 3 years and what the hell happened? Why is the MagSafe gone (it saved many laptops from dives off tables)? And I have to buy new cables for externals? And WHAT IS THIS TOOLBAR ANNOYANCE? #whyyyyy #grumpy #hi

Barebones ActivityPub server in Node.js/Express by @darius…

It powers which converts RSS feeds to ActivityPub accounts so you can follow any RSS feed via Mastodon.

We <3 Darius.

Finished On Tyranny, Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century by Timothy Snyder yesterday, flipped back to the beginning, and read it again. This book is incredibly worth reading, let me buy you a copy. 📚

I woke up this morning. The older I am, the more this amazes me, and the more I am grateful for another day.

All the talk of the iPhone XS, er, excess tennis, and yet, my SE is still chugging away… #getoffmylawn #homebutton4EVAR #mbpin

attached image: two layer survey marker on broken concrete

Well, I have me a new job, so there’s that.

Consistently, time and time again for years, I need those first six slow minutes to warm up on a run. Everything hurts until I run through those six, and then ahhhhhhh movement ease.

Attached image: two level, steel on brass survey marker located between orthogonal grooves

Tomorrow is #xoxofest. I am excited, even as my anxiety levels increase. Cause and effect?

“There is nothing new: all things are both familiar and short-lived.” - Marcus Aurelius, Book Seven

attached image: a macro shot of a brass plate with an N below a quartered circle.

Reading through conversations here, I love how they veer off into unrelated topics and side channels and new ideas. Love. It.

That, and how any sufficiently long enough conversation includes posts about notebooks or journaling.

I have hiked myself out.

Unrelated, these are the best survey markers I’ve found.

Oh… there’s a backside.

TIL a fourth cousin of mine is an orthopedic surgeon.

“If your life was a book, what would you want your next sentence to be?”

And then she found the courage.

When life gives you lemons, respond with raspberries and a twist of lime.

Women peeing on seats + said women not cleaning up after themselves + subsequent women not going into said stalls + said subsequent women not checking all stalls = really unnecessarily long lines of uncomfortable women.

Okay, yes, Hawaii, you are lovely tonight. #nofilter

Whoo! @hankchizljaw is here! Next up, encourage more posting.

Aw yisssssssss. Bob just wrote his first HTML. Old dogs, new tricks and all that. F— yeah!

Well this is an experience, building a website for a quirky octogenarian friend to use. If I didn’t like him so much, I’d be all (งツ)ว As it is, this is an adventure.

Oh, hot damn, no MTA is installed by default on Ubuntu 18. This makes me irrationally happy.

Okay, where were we now?


Thank you, Oak, for your shade. May your roots hold the ground for another 300 years.