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Should one thank the kids for doing their chores or cleaning up after themselves? Seems weird to me to do so, as I did my chores thanks-free (complaining the whole time, maybe that zapped the thanks I would have gotten). These kids seem to expect it, though, so I’m uncertain.

Sick days spent actually sick suck.

Today’s experiment was egg bite sous vide. Too much chili pepper meant I wasn’t thrilled, but, hey, J ate eggs, so there’s that success.

Micro Monday reco: @vanessa - I am excited about their web adventuring here!

Unrelated: ice.

I wish I liked Field Notes’ notebooks’ bindings. These covers are lovely.…

I’ve managed to follow enough people who post regularly on m.b. that I’m starting to miss posts. 🤔 …mixed feelings about this.

I shall title this one, “Coffee Addiction.”

Hrrrmmmmm… frustrating first impression. :(

Well, this one had doors. 🚁

I suspect a cover-up for Harry Dresden’s “borrowing” of Sue.

Happy making instead, a beluga whale. :)

TIL you have to have a workout on a day in order for the exercise to count towards the Activity Move streak. My 405 day streak ended on Sunday when I had 15k steps, 51 minutes of exercise, but no recorded workout. In so many ways, this watch app sucks. That’s one.

Sound you don’t want to hear at an aquarium: dripping water. #shedd

Started reading Conspiracy by Ryan Holiday. The descriptions of Thiel’s and Denton’s places, lined with and stacks of books, make my longing for a home, one full of books again, nearly unbearable.

Canyon Diablo meteorite at the #AdlerPlanetarium

Talking About My Tribe There, Missy

As I sat in a stall, two women walked in, talking loudly about Matt’s recent wedding, and, like OMG what a comic book dork he is and have you seen his custom Batman costume? Such. A. Dork. We all walked out of our stalls at the same time. As I stood there, looking at them both, I had never wanted so hard to be in a Batman costume before.

Micro Monday! Follow @patrickrhone and not just here, see also books, website.

Forever and ever the Sears Tower. #tiles #lookdown

“Just look, LOOK, look into the chocolate souls of these apples. Do they not say, ‘Eat me!’?” - 10yo to me.

Tomorrow’s adventure in the distance. #shedd #adler #happymaking