noasi on a smaller scale

I applied for the AirBnB Antarctic Sabbatical, not too late for you to apply, too (closes in 3 hours).…

Me: “He pooped 5 times yesterday, and kept me awake until 5 in the morning with his night time antics. So of course he is sleeping now. I want to be sleeping, too.”

Dad: “Sounds like he had a real shitty day yesterday. 🤩”

TIL sheep like onions.

Home! Yay!

Please send good thoughts to Chase tonight. He’s going into surgery tomorrow morning, and old dogs have low survival odds. 🐶

World, meet Boop. Boop, this is a strange place.

“When we are actively engaging in a behavior, we cannot really tolerate facing our complicity in the proliferation of terrible shit.” Holly Whitaker on IG…

I need to figure out the Dad Technique™️ for adding butter to this popcorn for tonight’s game night.

New project, new technology. I look forward to the moment I have uploaded enough knowledge about this tech that I’m not stumbling on the big things, only the subtleties.

How could one gracefully and empathetically tell a frustrated coworker that her inability to login is actually her using an incorrect password?

FTR “Nope, not the system, you keep messing up” is not graceful.

“Server logs indicate credential mismatch. Check your password here.”

Watching John Wick in anticipation of 2 and 3, and still really like this movie.

I mean, choosing to attack a superior opponent on said opponent’s literal home turf is clearly an act of desperation, made worse by the superior opponent’s knowledge that you are coming.

So… who’s in Portland for #xoxofest this week?

Released the sheep into my west yard, they are now feasting on the fallen fruit.

Finished The Volunteer, after a recommendation via Dave Pell’s The Next Draft. Difficult read, worth reading, and strongly recommended. I will buy you a copy. 📚

Avoid the comments on Amazon.

Painkillers cannot kick-in fast enough.

Sheep Island

Flowers on the morning walk with Mom.

Email subject: “Everything You Need to Know About Oolongs”

My reaction: “… is that I’m not a fan.” delete


Grass trimmings for the sheep. 🌱🌾🐑

These two know I bring them food.

Unexpected lifestyle choices: shooting mini icecubes at birds with a slingshot to keep them from eating your pasture grass seed.

Four tries to level my step-dad’s auto-bird-waterer. Four. Tries.

Success hasn’t been this sweet for a while. 🦉🦉🦉

“85 Best Whole 30 Pescatarian Meals images in 2019”

Uh… I don’t want to see images, I want to see the recipes. Ugh, I dislike Pinterest so much.

A Stabilo ballpoint refill in my Baron Fig pen (can’t stand rollerballs), let’s see how this goes…