noasi on a smaller scale

One of my favorite mailing lists, have been a reader for years and years

Not my usual view, delighted and grateful to have had it today.

“Work from anywhere!” I thought, “What a great deal!”

“Work any hours that fit your schedule!” I thought, “What a great deal!”

Not quite realizing the people who have the information I need don’t work at 11:30pm on a Saturday night, or 4:45am on a Tuesday. πŸ˜’

docker. πŸ˜’


Diet done. Down 5% body weight, sugar cravings stopped, clothes fit well, and a lot sick from my breakfast choice this morning. Going back on the now “diet” in 3… 2…

πŸ˜’ What’s the point of having error messages in the logs if no one looks at the log files?

Watching yourself being written out of someone else’s history is an interesting experience.

Can’t recommend it.

So, when a fellow developer starts a request to a team of only women developers with, “hey, guys,” we can ignore the request, as none of us are guys, right?

Still not used to the broiler on this oven. Worse, no sense of smell to know I was burning my food.

Mossy! #pdx #pdxne

$11011.00 - renews at $11/yr.

Even less desirable names are “premium.”


Sun rising over the bay.

The overhead bin has a seam in the middle, preventing normal sized bags to fit in. There’s a soft bag in the bin on the edge. 5 people have tried to shove their normal bags into the middle spot, none have moved the soft bag to the middle to use the space. Is frustrating to watch.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.

Whoo, that snow. Coming down hard. Might need to put on… a brimmed hat soon.

Related: a Great Horned owl has taken roost in the palm trees out back, and I am delighted.

I can think of places I’d rather be.

I’m about to travel again. I’m attempting to travel lightly. I’m torn about packing a physical book, even though I have many ebooks to read. This one is calling to me far more loudly than the others.

What a great problem to have.

Can one be grateful for hard times and crappy situations?

My home life as a kid was difficult. It wasn’t bad, it was difficult.

I responded by staying at school each day until it closed, often even later. I would finish my homework and explore the off-limits areas.

My home life sucked, yet my homework was done, my grades were great, I learned a lot. I loved school and learning. I loved the refuge that school gave me.

My success in life was built on the foundation of those after school routines of front-loading my work; on those habits of working every day instead of intense single sessions; on the opportunities that arrived because I wasn’t at home with mind-numbing distractions, questionable associates, and no adult guidance.

Would I have been as successful had my home life been easier?

Might have I needed the chaos to become a better me than I could have / would have been without the chaos?

Do I have that difficulty to thank for today’s relative ease?

I have to say, likely not, yes, and yes.

OH: “Sometimes it’s hard to continue to love what you do through all the bad moments.”

OH: “You can’t change what you can tolerate. If you can tolerate it, it won’t change.”

Fun asteroid mining fact of the day: m-class asteroids contain platinum-group metals, nickel, cobalt, etc. If you tear apart a 1-km m-type asteroid, you’d have ~ 20 trillion dollars worth of metal at current market prices. The main belt has m-type objects that are 100 km across.

So, the only place I have found in the UK that makes a London Fog is… a Starbucks. πŸ˜’

Both of us sick managed to walk to the closest Bone Daddies for ramen. I wish I had ordered a chicken soup dish, but the Tonkatsu was still delicious. /cc @snookca #adventureswithsnookca

OMG @joshsullivan! You sent me a Field Notes notebook along with the calendar! Thank you! <3