noasi on a smaller scale

There are moments when I believe I am very good at my job. There are more moments when I do not believe this.

Just had one of the former. πŸ’ͺ🏻

I swear, the apartment building that I live in is a dorm. Half naked 20 somethings running between units, while all the older people appear to be the RAs..

Picked up a New Yorker from the library, and came across the “Pick Three” feature: three current obsessions of a staff writer. I am fascinated by this idea. I certainly have rabbit holes I dive down frequently… tracking them this way could be fun.

3 friends died in the past week. Chat group response:

“Unsolicited but hopefully not useless advice: use the tragedies as a reminder that our individual duration is largely unknown, and do something you want to do but have been putting off as soon as is reasonably possible.”

10am the mountains!

12pm wait, where did they go?

1pm hey, they’re back! yay!

Business DRI wants to add a feature 3 weeks before beta. I respond, what other feature do you want to cut? Can’t cut any. Ok, push launch out 1 month to add feature. PM says no. Jokingly, I offer, choose among bug fixes, feature 1, or feature 2. Designer votes no bug fixes. SIGH.

Just remembered, I have frozen cheesecake, ready to be thawed and eaten. #winning

Subtle ways your manager undermines you, part 89: he reschedules an important meeting to discuss a new hire, without telling you he is rescheduling it. No one else in the meeting alerts you either.

Nothing quite like opening the box labelled “REALLY REALLY HEAVY,” and realizing it is another box of alcohol that you now need to give away, having spent the previous week finally clearing your place of what you thought were the last of the bottles. Blah.

Today I learned that Dyson stick vacuums have a washable HEPA filter at the top of the motor unit. I have had this vacuum for… uh… years.

Found the hot spots.

la sportiva boots

“Hey, what are you doing this Friday night?”

“Finishing the set up of my boots.”

mountaineering triple boots on the floor in a state of disarray

Crevasse rescue training in a desert, as one does.

me sitting in my harness on the side of a rock faceMy guide, about to go over the edge of a high rock, so that I can rescue him

Me: “I cannot find the blushing and crying emoji.”

Him: “When in doubt, eggplant.”

Started at 8634’, ended at 10906’ for a long day up to Mt Superior, Alta, UT. The scree and scrambles had me firmly outside of my comfort zone. Need the latter for Cayambe, I’m told.

view from Cardiff Peakview of Salt Lake and Salt Lake City from the top of Mt SuperiorKitt and Chris beaming at fhr top of mt Superior

“We’re not having our rathers on this trip.” πŸ˜‚…

I had forgotten how cathartic writing can be.

I really hope this doesn’t mean local forest fires.

cityscape sunset with vibrant oranges and yellows

For the record, shaving a sunburned face hurts a lot.

BST in SLC, on a morning of breaking trails. Talk about a happy place!

snow covered view bonneville shoreline trail in salt lake city

You cannot have a better poopin’ view than this one, which is the view from the buckets at Mount Vinson Base Camp. #antarctica #πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ά

ice field with distant mountains and deep blue sky

Good lord, I love this continent. πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ά

December 4th eclipse in Antarctica. πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ά

πŸ“Έ by Dr. Larry Shore.

sun in eclipse totality

Looking southeast from the middle of the bottom of South America.

shoreline of Punta Arenas

Clouds off the coast of Punta Arenas.

clouds off the coast