noasi on a smaller scale

Today’s stair walk of Portland’s Alameda Ridge was just under 14km and about 3 hours long. Next time, I’m wearing shorts.

“I got this.” 🐝

bumble bee on a purple flower


close up of a sunflower core

Leg warmers on bees!

native oregon bee with pollen along its hind legs


screenshot of the -48°C temperature in Antarctica

Reminded again, pain is fleeting, glory is forever, chicks dig scars.

Especially the scars part. They are beautiful. They make us who we are.

Found a new one, less patina on this one.

One of the rougher days this past month. Tomorrow might be better.

Him: “Are you in line?”

Me (masked): “I am not.”

Him: “Would you stand some place else?”

Me: looks, sees I am standing 8’ from him and the line “No. If you get in line, and move forward, you’ll be, you know, 12’ away.”

Somewhere in Portland is a guy who thinks I’m the jerk.

yellow flowers


Today is, again, not that day.

screenshot of a dismissive comment about covid testing and my callout response

Site at work launched. Was a six hour deploy process. I am le tired.

daisies maybe?

Portland walks continue to delight me.

More than a little delighted by tonight’s take out. I have had more take out in the last two weeks than in the previous four months combined. For this, however, I mind less. #ramen

a bowl of miso ramen

Some day, I will not be an asshole.

Today is not that day.

conversation screenshot where a woman refers to a mixed gender group as "guys"

Nope, I think I’m good with this. Thanks, airline, and no.

screenshot of email letting me know my airline frequent flyer account is going to close

I swear, the coldest winter I’ve ever spent has been this summer in Portland, but the flowers make up for the weather.

purple artichoke flower viewed from the top

Flowers seen on today’s training walk delighted me with their colors.

You’d think we’d all be used to disappointment by now. Yet here we are, disappointed again.

Uh, Chrome, I’m sure “here” is a word.

As I watch a fit guy run past me pushing a jogging stroller, I think, “wow, he is attractive,” and my ovaries hiccup a little bit, I am simultaneously amused and mortified by my brain and body.

Not a fan. Of the. Apple Speaking Style™. 🤯

It is. One short step. Away From. The Ted Talk. Speaking Style™.

Also, an aversion to Ferengi.

And back.

Next up, a week of quarantine.

Good night, not-great day. Hello, better day tomorrow.

Have a picture of Andy’s new family member, Luna.

Tried a new white tea today, one less processed than usual. Was surprised that the instructions read, “steep up to 10x.”

To my delight, the fifth steeping was still delicious. I’m curious the caffeine levels of these later brews.

top down view of infuser with green white tea buds