noasi on a smaller scale

Cool. 🇦🇶 #mbfeb

I’m going to rest here for a bit. You go on, I’ll catch up. 🇦🇶 #mbfeb

Less balance, more “hidden mass.” 🇦🇶 #mbfeb

The warmth from the ice we pulled from the bay was generated by the joy of tasting the most amazing water I’ve ever had. 🇦🇶 #mbfeb

Same sunrise, different moment. 🇦🇶 #mbfeb

Downside of 150 pushups a day: massages hurt because muscles.

Upside of 150 pushups a day: muscles!

Yeah, I got nothin’ for attachment. Have an iceberg. 🇦🇶 #mbfeb

The plainest of views, at Hardy Cove. 🇦🇶 #mbfeb

One month ago today, no sign of land yet. 🇦🇶 #mbfeb

Lull in the excitement of the day. 🇦🇶 #mbfeb

This dawn contrasted heavily with the overcast day on the continent. 🇦🇶 #mbfeb

Clouds above. 🇦🇶 #mbfeb

The most abundant plant life in Antarctica is lichen, then moss. 🇦🇶 #mbfeb

The bergs would hide behind each other, each as fascinating as the previous. 🇦🇶 #mbfeb

First landing spot on 🇦🇶 for me was Fort Point on Greenwich Island, which was claimed by penguins. #mbfeb


🇦🇶 #mbfeb

Friday evening plans: We Should Get Together by Kat Vellos, and The Happiness Lab with @lauriesantos.

Your plans?

Any recommendations for personal site comment spam filtering services? Akismet is failing me again.

I should be less delighted about my stamp purchase than I am. 🇦🇶

What’s the emoji for small delights? How about the emoji for savoring the moment?

Have a penguin. This one is a chinstrap penguin, hanging at Fort Point on Greenwich Island. 🇦🇶

Just found an outfitter that can guide me to the top of Vinson Massif. Which is to say, I’m in trouble now: this idea isn’t going to let me go. 🇦🇶

California Privacy Directory… - check out the full list.

I see I have a weekend project, contacting many of these companies.

Welcome, @MKoopaJr! Can’t wait for your first post! :)

I went for the ice.

Others went for the animals, seals and whales and penguins.

Some moments, we were all content.


Fellow traveller to 🇦🇶, Julia Watson, took this one, I love the gloomy filtering on the photo. The day was much brighter than this.