noasi on a smaller scale


“Getting old is an adventure. You start having problems with things that were never a problem before. And you need to accept it all.” - Mom’s morning words of wisdom

view down the gully of Siphon Draw in the Superstition Mountains

The airplane boarding saga, a story in N parts.

TIL the notes one takes as a juror stay with the court. Huh.

top down view of a glass of ginger ale

Each training session is hard, yet I look back at the ones from 3 months ago, and think, “I thought that was hard, what will I think of today’s hike in 3 months time?”

dry forest surrounding a dirt path

Butterfly visiting me at the top of Mission Peak, Fremont, California.

I have done wiser hikes than this summit in 37°+ temperatures.

view looking west from the top of Mission Peak towards the San Franscisco Bay














Ever known you were standing on a historic inflection point?

a $10 kiddie swimming pool at the store

Him: “I heard a bunch of cursing, that means you figured something out. Give me the good news!”

Me: “Apparently I am succeeding in my intention not to curse when frustrated.”

butt end of a baby pear

Mission Peak AnT reset hike today. 30 minutes as hard as one can go uphill. I both love and hate these sessions.

Golden hillside of yellow grass with a few trees and a wispy cloud sky

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.” - Theodore Roosevelt

Oh, how I have missed this…

seven players on an ultimate field, first steps after the pull

I suspect this training doesn’t become easier with time.

closeup of a California highway marker

Terrible views on today’s hike to the Black Mountain summit, just terrible. Don’t visit.

Terrible views on tonight’s hike, just terrible.

San Francisco South Bay as seen from the Stevens Creek Reservoir Coyote Trail

Today’s #devtrustme

brew install tig

“Just think, if you win, you’ll never have to write another line of react code.”

“So, buy $1000 worth of tickets?”

A winning Mega Millions lottery ticket

because sometimes one needs scritches in the sun…

Luna, a black and white dog, enjoying head scratches from me

When the chef suggests, “Now would be the time to go buy yourself a pint of vanilla ice cream,” you know you are about to experience Death by Serrano Pepper. #deathetables

bowl of spicy tofu curry and vegetables, and a pint of swiss almond chocolate ice cream

Why am I all nervous about this baseline lactate threshold test? Argh! There is no judgement here, no winning, no losing, no comparison, why, nerves, why?

elevation marker of mount montara

A GPS map of “go to the park and throw a frisbee” will never cease to amuse me.

a map with a giant squggle in the middle of it

This has never been a problem.

Following through on said ideas, on the other hand…

screenshot asking "are you running out of ideas?"

From 356 tabs to 24 tabs on my phone? We call this Victoire!

Please don’t ask about my desktop browser tab counts.

screenshot of 24 tabs on ios

I’ve graduated from ketchup on fries to Humble House Ancho and Morita on avocado. This makes me either an adult or a Californian, or both. 🥑🌶

avocado with hot sauce on it

Reading about the Rusko Orthostatic Test… and remembering my years playing ultimate, I am amused at how fit I used to be, and how dramatically unfit I am these days.

upclose of a golden yellow flower