noasi on a smaller scale

Today’s #devtrustme

brew install tig

“Just think, if you win, you’ll never have to write another line of react code.”

“So, buy $1000 worth of tickets?”

A winning Mega Millions lottery ticket

because sometimes one needs scritches in the sun…

Luna, a black and white dog, enjoying head scratches from me

When the chef suggests, “Now would be the time to go buy yourself a pint of vanilla ice cream,” you know you are about to experience Death by Serrano Pepper. #deathetables

bowl of spicy tofu curry and vegetables, and a pint of swiss almond chocolate ice cream

Why am I all nervous about this baseline lactate threshold test? Argh! There is no judgement here, no winning, no losing, no comparison, why, nerves, why?

elevation marker of mount montara

A GPS map of “go to the park and throw a frisbee” will never cease to amuse me.

a map with a giant squggle in the middle of it

This has never been a problem.

Following through on said ideas, on the other hand…

screenshot asking "are you running out of ideas?"

From 356 tabs to 24 tabs on my phone? We call this Victoire!

Please don’t ask about my desktop browser tab counts.

screenshot of 24 tabs on ios

I’ve graduated from ketchup on fries to Humble House Ancho and Morita on avocado. This makes me either an adult or a Californian, or both. πŸ₯‘πŸŒΆ

avocado with hot sauce on it

Reading about the Rusko Orthostatic Test… and remembering my years playing ultimate, I am amused at how fit I used to be, and how dramatically unfit I am these days.

upclose of a golden yellow flower

I truly do not understand people who respond to questions on the internet with “I have no idea.” I want to tell them, “If you don’t know, don’t post.” Not having an opinion or answer is just fine.


Hell yes!

Yes yes yes!

How about you?

view looking up into a palm tree and clear evening sky

Current status, tired doggie.

black dog splayed on grass, sleeping

TIL the hard way that soap and water will not wash hot pepper oils off one’s hands. #oops

sunset seen through street trees silhouettes

Twelve more days of Lent. I cannot wait until Sugargeddon on the 4th.

yellow flowers up close

I would argue that when someone sends you “get well quickly” flowers, the appropriate response is not, “What the f— is this?”

But here we are.

bunch of yellow roses in a circle arrnagement

In defiance of a culture of alcohol, of which I have been a willing participant for many years, I turn to Seedlip, non-alcoholic spirits, for this weekend’s cocktails. 🍸🍹

Sometimes what you meant to paint isn’t what you actually painted, and that ends up being just fine.

This one is titled Sunset

painting of blue to yellow to blue graident with bright yellow dots overlaid

Despite a whole glacier for camp locations, not one but two other parties pitched within 15m of our tents. I was disappointed in their choices, having little privacy for personal tasks. Did said tasks anyway, in full view when necessary. Them’s the breaks. #baker2020

blue tent at sunset on top of Mt Baker, WA, US

Had my first covid test in prep for events later this week. Keeping workload light because of events later this week. Having steamed milk to reduce anxieties from events later this week.

top down view of frothed milk foam in a cup

Had a sleepover with Luna. She both kept me up last night, and woke me up early. I shall sleep early tonight.

dog sitting on a pile of blankets

Nature with her pompasetting ways, tsk tsk.

peach tree blossom

Looking forward to returning to one of my favourite places in the world, though not specifically Neko Harbour next time.

Neko Harbour, Antarctica

What genetic code prioritized the twisting branches of the white oak?

looking up into bare white oak branches back lit by the sun

Convinced again that there’re a rat and her babies in the compost bin, Tilly started digging.

I eventually rotated the bin to a new location to show her the bin had no rats this time.

“This time…” was her walking-away look.

dog standing in a full compost bin with her nose buried