noasi on a smaller scale

Went to throw a disc at the park yesterday. One pass caught the wind and came zinging in fast. I caught it at least.

Been a while since I’ve had ultimate frisbee bruises. I miss playing so much.

I strongly suspect I am going to enjoy painting with these colors…

set of green to blue gouache paintsset of green to brown gouache paints

The weather is iffy, but changing. Noticed the first peach blossom today.

light pink, partially opened peach blossom

Despite two people and three dogs walking over / on it, the newt was still alive!

newt and ground

Trying roasted buckwheat tea for a non-caffeinated drink at home this evening. Tomorrow’s exploration is a barley tea.

top down view of a tea strainer and water steeping

She sat still long enough for a picture and a startle, as I pounded on the window to shoo her away.

squirrel on a wood fence

So lacking erudition in the medium.

watercolor seascape

Upon reflection, I probably should not have had that second chocolate bar.

reflection of trees in a sidewalk puddle

Moles have invaded my yard, and have begun digging under my slab foundation. I’m struggling with my compassion for an animal trying to survive, against my worries about the structural damage to my house. I don’t want to kill them, yet they seem unwilling to live elsewhere.

container of rodent poison

Posting at 23:34, did I make it?

Tilly was convinced there was a rat in my car’s engine compartment.

She was right. πŸ˜’

small cattle dog standing on a car engine, under an open hood

The green of today’s matcha latte reminds me of sporg snot.

Sadly, this ShopSmith is not being used. Unsure as of yet what to do with this machine.

Finished The Science of Energy by Michael Wysession. Sadly (for me) was audio only from the library. I enjoyed it, lots of facts with an acknowledgment and refute of questionable opinions. πŸ“š

book cover of the science of energy

Well, that’s one way to ensure a muddy face.

dog with head in hole he had dug

Hope springs eternal, cat.

cat who accosted me on my walk

Today’s sugar craving was satisfied by a small slice of my first ever lemon chiffon pie.

It was terrible. I’m glad I had a small slice.

small bite of lemon chiffon pie

With the lovely weather and bountiful citrus in the yard, we’ve taken to spitting mandarin orange seeds into the compost bin for sport.

hand holding mandarin orange next to a flying seed, over a compost bin

We tired the girls out! Go us!

With my Chase gone, Andy’s pets keep me supplied in dog snuggles.

luna and tilly, two sleeping dogs

Ogres have layers. Onions have layers.

Parfait! Everybody loves parfait!


Finding comfort these days in the mundane.

plain tea cup on a wood table

Silver needle white tea, my absolute favorite morning beverage, steeping in my pyrex “tea pot.”

The close up that works for morning beverage, comfort, and craving prompts, too.

close up of a matcha latte

Rookie mistake: painted the wrong side of the paper. #creativityeveryday

edge of watercolor seascape

One of the questions on this medical form is β€œHow far can you comfortably walk on level ground without stopping?”

I… don’t know. Like, should I Forest Gump this question? Just go out and start walking until I can’t?

top of two boots with legs attached, walking

Today’s water experiment: shapes of clouds. #creativityeveryday

grid of blue grey water color squares