noasi on a smaller scale

noasi on a smaller scale

Thoughts On A Day, September 2nd

Desert, so of course we have cockroaches. The one in my bedroom could have at least waited until I went to bed. It is now crushed and in the front yard.

I haven’t used this backback in probably 12 years.

Tomorrow is going to be rough. Always up late on the travel nights.

I am grateful my brother will be staying at the house in my absence.

I’ve been driving my boat with my anchor still down. Time to lift it and move full throttle.

I am uncertain of my fitness.

This adventure is exploratory and educational, I do not need to summit. I would be good with reaching the summit, however.

The view from the other side of the argument, given by a neutral third party, is eye-opening.

They made it home safely.

I registered to vote today. First time in my life voting in a state other than California.

I am tired.

Stupid mosquito.

I ate two pints of ice cream today, and only two pints of ice cream.

I would like to believe this life is not merely a test.

What’s good? What’s bad? Who knows.